Saturday 2016

Saloon driver Deane Mayes scared the living daylights out of the spectators at the Cowdenbeath Racewall when he rolled his car after hitting a marker tyre with his car coming to rest on top of the wall. Luckily Deane stepped out of his unhurt and was back out for the next race! However on Saturday night Ethan Pope and Luke McCallum rolled their minis with both escaping unhurt.
Whilst a drizzle made life a bit difficult for the drivers on Saturday night towards the end of the meeting and as a result there was certainly plenty of fireworks on the track and after the meeting to keep the fans attention.
On Sunday it was a day to be a yellow grader with Gregor Turner winning the formula II Champion of Champions race, Barry Glen all the saloon races including the Gordon Barclay Memorial trophy whilst Kevin Forrester won the ORCi Scottish Open Championship. In a thrilling 1300saloon Scottish Championship Fraser Anderson came out on top whilst Jamie Dawson went on to win the microf2 Scottish Cup in an exciting encounter.


Amongst the formula II drivers in action on Saturday night were James Yule from Meigle whilst Ian Thompson had bought the Garry Sime RCE. Kyle Taylor, David Sinclair, Richie Mead and John Broatch were the visitors from south of the border
The opening race of the night was the RS Motorsports sponsored Dash for the Cash and ended with Gordon Moodie winning the bulk of the prize money as he led home Chris Burgoyne and Gregor Turner with Paul Reid also enjoying a slice of the cash. The opening heat was won by Turner who led home Moodie and Burgoyne. In heat two Moodie went through to win from P. Reid and Robbie Dawson.
P. Reid was soon through into the lead when the final started but lost out to Moodie just after the half distance. Not long after Moodie took the lead than there was a race suspension but on the restart Moodie eased away from the field before going on to win from Craig Wallace and Ian Thompson.


The saloons were racing for their Superbowl trophy as well as World Ranking points which brought up quite a few drivers from England and from Northern Ireland .
Heat one saw Barry Glen go through to win from Michael Allard and Deane Mayes. Ian McLaughlin then won heat two from Luke Grief and Ross Thomas. The third heat ended with Marc Honeyman going through to make it a clean sweep for the Scots when he fended off Grief and Daniel Parker to win.
The grid for the Superbowl paired Grief and McLaughlin on the front row but the next seven places were filled by drivers from south of the Border. The track was now wet from the drizzle and when the green flag dropped Grief made the better of the starts to lead from McLaughlin but the drivers weren’t holding back and as a result there were a few shunts and spins. Glen retired with a broken gearbox, Alan Ainslie spin and then Patrick Calderwood’s car slowed on the main straight then stopped.
The grid reformed behind Grief who got away well although McLaughlin wasn’t too far adrift whilst Mayes appeared in third whilst David Aldous was sent spinning on the pit bend. McLaughlin was slowly being reeled in by Mayes whilst Jacob Downey was holding fourth. James Letford spun right in front of Grief which allowed McLaughlin to close slightly. Paul Honeyman was sent spinning although he was able to restart but had lost ground. Grief continued on his merry way reeling off the laps before winning the Superbowl from McLaughlin and Mayes. Conrad Self, who won the first Superbowl was on hand to present the trophies to the first three.


There was another good turn out of minis with more than half the field made up by drivers from south of the border. There were two rollovers, Ethan Pope and Luke McCallum but there were quite a few hard hits resulting in some of the drivers coming to grief.
Heat one was won by Steven Burgoyne who led home Charlie Morphey and Pope. Burgoyne also won heat two again leading home Morphey and Sean Naismith. The final which was for the Disco and Trackshop Trophies ended with Buster Sage Jnr getting the better of the exchanges to win from Burgoyne and Morphey.


The microf2s were split into four groups with the drivers gaining points for Sundays Scottish Cup. Heat wins went to Cathal McFerran, Jack Morrow and Joshua Johnson.


On Sunday the weather and track were dry and it produced some close and fast racing.
The opening formula II race was the Champion of Champions race with P. Reid leading the field away but within a couple of laps Turner was ahead and set about building up a lead. Once Moodie moved into second place the gap closed dramatically until the start of the last lap when they were nose to tail. Moodie challenged on the top bend and got alongside but at the line Turner was the winner by a whisker from Moodie and Dawson.
Moodie then won heat one from Dawson and Wallace whilst the second was won by Dawson from Wallace and Dennis Middler.
Moodie chalked up yet another final win when he led home Dawson and Middler.


The first saloon race was their Champion of Champions race with Glen going straight into the lead whilst behind McLaughlin and James Strath fought it out for second place. In the end Glen enjoyed a comfortable win with McLaughlin just clear of Strath.
The Gordon Barclay Memorial race saw the drivers line up in their graded order but as they started the race Mayes rolled his car. Once the field reformed Glen was the early leader and quickly opened a gap. Kyle Hegg, McLaughlin and James Strath were fighting over second until McLaughlin got the better of the exchanges. Kieran MvIvor rode the wall but carried on. Glen was now well clear of the field but two laps from the end he suffered a puncture and whilst the others started to close he held on to win from McLaughlin and Graeme Shevill.
Glen then won both the Allcomers races from McLaughlin.


The ORCi stock rods had quite a few visitors from Northern Ireland and England for the Open Scottish Championship with James Gray defending. In fact Gray won the first heat from Simon Laing and Michael Bethune whilst heat two saw Kevin Forrester win from James Matson and Steven Archibald.
When the final started Forrester went straight into the lead from Archibald but Matson was going well and was leading the chase after the leaders. At half way Matson moved into second place and then began to close in on Forrester. The last few laps were close run affairs with Forrester just holding on to win from Matson and Archibald.


There were 18 1300saloon drivers at the track although only 17 were eligible for the Scottish Championship. The drawn grid paired Stu McCaig and Brian Allan on the front row of the grid with Allan going straight into the lead as McCaig spun. Fraser Anderson moved into second and closed the gap to Allan managing to take the lead after Allan was delayed when lapping a back marker. The race was suspended after Jordan Clark and Callum Farrance tangled. Anderson then made a good restart to the r ace before going on to win from Grant McGowan and Allan.
McGowan won heat one from Stu McCaig and Graham Swan whilst Kevin Bruce won the second heat from Aaron Hastie and Clark.


The microf2 drivers had a couple of heats to determine their grid places with Billie Dawson winning heat one from Finlay Carter and Callan Walker. Heat two saw Hannah Borthwick win from Tyler McClurkin and Elexie Bartram.
The Scottish Cup saw McClurkin and Billie Dawson share the front row but when the race started Lewis Burgoyne drove down the inside and into the lead. However the race was stopped after Rhianna Murray crashed out. Burgoyne led the cars away but soon had to contend with Jamie Dawson but there was another stoppage when Rebecca Reid and McClurkin tangled. Dawson moved ahead of Burgoyne and then eased away to win from Burgoyne and Sam Stewart..

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
DFC 7 647 391 854 16 41 17 236 590 47
Heat 1 391 7 647 16 17 854 41 596 590 236
Heat 2 7 17 854 647 16 47 794 391 217 321
Final 7 16 901 47 854 41 250 17 794 590

National Saloons

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 38 349 730 219 619 10 684 207 499 507
Heat 2 684 219 619 73 600 220 386 306 711 730
Heat 3 107 218 306 158 499 349 711 715 96 626
UKSB 219 684 730 306 96 220 349 570 158 811


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 674 392 987 902 33 100 566 600 122 564
Heat 2 674 392 100 600 687 546 128 33 43 902
Final 902 674 392 33 600 677 621 566 564 128