Saturday 2017

It was a dry but chilly Saturday evening at the Cowdenbeath Racewall Easter weekend meeting but on track there was some hard and close racing with a couple of cars rolling in spectacular shunts.

The first to go over was that of ministox driver Ryan Borthwick whose car rolled on the turnstile bend and then landed back on all four wheels. Ryan quickly unbuckled his seat belts clambered onto the roof to take the plaudits from the fans. The second came during the formula II final when Paul Moss, who was on his annual Easter pilgrimage to the Racewall, got caught up with Marc Fortune before crashing heavily into the pit bend wall and then landed on his roof!
Along with Moss, Scott Finlay from Northern Ireland was another welcome visitor whilst Gordon Moodie was having his first Racewall run of the year. However missing were John Hogg, Dennis Middler and Chris Burgoyne the latter deciding to race at Stoke to contest the English Open Championship.

In the 1300 saloons Stevie Gold and Craig McNicoll were having their debuts whilst Lee Wilson was having his first outing of the season.

There were a few visitors in the ORCi stock rods where World Champion Luke Oliver appeared along with Adam Daniels, Jordan Wainwright, Carl Shakleford and Levi Robinson.

The formula II drivers were to revel on a fast and dry track and as a result there was some exciting dicing.
Craig Reid led the cars away when the opening heat started but soon lost out to Euan Millar who soon opened yup a useful lead. Gordon Moodie retired whilst working his way through the field and in the end Millar won from Craig Wallace and Stevie Forster. Heat two saw Moodie go through to record an easy win over Millar and Wallace.
The final had an explosive start with Finlay’s car ending up against the turnstile bend wall whilst Adam Blacklock was another on the sidelines. C. Reid led the field away on the restart but soon had Millar and Kieran Howie in close order. However when Moss and Fortune entered the pit bend as one it was the Moss car that took the brunt of the hit, clambering up the wall before coming to rest on its roof in the middle of the track. Millar led on the restart for a couple of laps before Moodie charged through into the lead although he was having a problem shaking off Wallace. As the race entered its closing laps, Moodie slowed to retire allowing Wallace through to win from Millar and Garry Sime. Robbie Dawson went on to win the Grand National from Sime and Howie with Wallace ending up in sixth place.
There was another healthy field of ORCi stock rods although quite a few had been racing in Northern Ireland the previous night.

Although James Matson was first home in the opening heat he was penalised by the Steward and dropped to third thus handing the win to Craig Tosh whilst Paul Prentice was the runner up. Tosh went on to a comfortable heat two win where he led home James Gray and Michael Bethune. Chris Hutchison led the field away when the final started with Prentice slotting into second place ahead of Brian Kerr. However within a couple of laps there was a five car dice for the lead which increased in numbers with every lap. Then disaster - Prentice was clipped and sent into a spin whilst Simon Laing and Cameron Doak did likewise exiting the pit bend suspending the race. James Gray led the field away on the restart but lost out to Matson who in turn lost the lead to Michael Bethune the following lap. Bethune began to ease away from the field with Jim Pitcaithly moving into second place and whilst the gap closed Bethune took the win from Pitcaithly and Matson.

Grant McGowan was a surprise absentee from the 1300 saloons but Lee Wilson was back with a new engine under the bonnet. Stevie Gold was using the Cassie car whilst McNicoll was making his debut. Robbie Bruce scored a comfortable opening heat win over Wilson and Gold. In heat two Bruce went on to pick up his second win of the night when he led home Gold and Fraser Anderson. Ross Forrest led the cars away when the final started but soon had Bruce chasing and closing the gap. Wilson was sent spinning but was able to restart before Fraser Clark slowed to retire. When Bruce caught Forrest, he got out of shape, clipped a kerb resulting in his car shedding a wheel and the car spun out. Forrest had a nervy moment whilst this was happening but held on to the lead. However Gold was now in second and running just ahead of Fraser Anderson and this duo began to reel in Forrest. Before Gold could challenge the laps ran out giving Forrest his first win of the night and he crossed the line ahead of Gold and Anderson.
David Shearing was a welcome visitor from south of the border in the minis whilst to date Steven Burgoyne had won all the races held this year at the Racewall.

The opening ministox race was reserved for white/yellow grade drivers only and whilst Lauren Ford made the better of the starts she soon lost out to Ryan Borthwick. Borthwick then pulled away from the field to win from Cieran Adams and Luke McCallum. Burgoyne then won the opening heat from Shearing and Sean Naismith. Heat two was suspended after R. Borthwick rolled his car but whilst McCallum led the field away he was to lose out to Burgoyne who was running just ahead of Shearing and despite the latter keeping up the pressure Burgoyne went on to win with Bryan Lindsay coming through into third. Ford led the cars away when the final started but soon lost out to McCallum who had Adams in close order whilst not that far adrift was cluster of cars running nose to tail and slowing catching the leaders. Shearing was running ahead of Burgoyne but when Charlie Folan spun the race was suspended.
On the restart Burgoyne moved from third into the lead on the turnstile bend before going through to win from Shearing and McCallum.

Another healthy field of microf2s with Joelan Maynard and Christina Sillifant the visitors from south of the border. The meeting was being sponsored by Anderson engineering from Peterhead. Jamie Dawson won the opening heat from Rhys Anderson and Sillifant. However in heat two Dawson came home ahead of R. Anderson and Lewis Clark Burgoyne. Freya Lovett led the cars away when heat three started but R. Anderson was an early casualty. Clark Burgoyne was running ahead of Dawson and they quickly made their way through the field and into the lead positions.. However Dawson found the easier line when they were in traffic and went through to win from Clark Burgoyne and Lewis Walker. Ian Anderson of Anderson Engineering was on hand to present the first three with their trophies whilst all the other runners were to receive a momento from him to mark the occasion.

BriSCA F2 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 629 16 652 64 854 480 979 679 852 17
Heat 2 7 629 16 854 64 979 455 217 852 679
Final 16 629 480 679 17 321 0 0 0 0
GN 854 480 679 629 652 16 17 321 0 0


Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
W&Y 604 128 687 688 641 0 0 0 0 0
Heat 1 674 564 100 623 546 600 687 622 199 172
Heat 2 674 564 600 623 100 687 172 546 128 650
Final 674 564 600 623 100 687 172 546 128 650

Stock Rods

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 123 257 24 83 794 91 323 151 136 476
Heat 2 123 197 83 257 91 794 612 121 45 323
Final 83 91 24 151 612 476 323 45 136 121

1300 Stock Cars

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 336 246 126 661 157 668 41 0 0 0
Heat 2 336 126 661 668 400 686 60 66 157 169
Final 400 126 661 66 60 246 0 0 0 0

Micro F2s

Heat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Heat 1 165 858 607 233 51 17 854 828 5 50
Heat 2 165 858 647 233 828 309 151 17 51 854
Heat 3 165 647 151 51 828 233 854 309 50 5