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1300 Stock Car Statement

10th January 2020

GMP Scotland regret to advise that the 1300 Stock Cars will not feature as part of our roster of formulas in 2020. Late in season 2019, an objection was raised by the 1300 Stock Car Association on the topic of intellectual property rights for the formula. This objection was further lodged with the Oval Racing Council (ORCi), demanding that GMP Scotland cease running the formula and cease licencing drivers to the class with immediate effect.

GMP Scotland sought to negotiate a resolution to the situation that would have been to the benefit of all involved. This would have allowed drivers to licence with their respective promotions and race as a national formula without clashing dates in Scotland. In addition, potential fixtures for Saloon Stock Cars at Lochgelly were discussed, and cooperation to avoid running fixtures against major championship events were also discussed as a means of allowing the 1300 Stock Car formula to continue at the Racewall. Unfortunately it has not been possible to reach a resolution and therefore, as a founding member of the ORCi, we have been left with no option other than to accept the demand to cease running the 1300 Stock Car formula.

Our greatest concern is with the loyal group of drivers who have raced with us over the past four seasons, growing exponentially over that time, and they were appraised at the drivers’ meeting prior to Christmas of our efforts to retain the class, those efforts having continued up to and including this week. Whilst this news is very disappointing for all concerned, we will support those drivers in whatever their racing plans will be for 2020 and will release the full fixture list for the coming season at the Racewall shortly. 

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