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2016 BBA Banger World Cup Bookings

14th April 2016

The BBA Banger World Cup will take place at the Racewall Cowdenbeath on Saturday 16th April at 5pm also featuring racing from the mighty 2L National Saloon Stock Cars.

Below is the booking list for the event. Tracks from the across the UK have been invited to nominate their seeded entries. Additional bookings can also be made via drivers home promotions or via the drivers booking form on our website. 

The prize fund for the event includes 1st £1000, 2nd £500, 3rd £250 in the main race itself plus there will also be best presented @ £250, best wreck @ £250 etc

Admission costs for this special event are £15 for adults; £10 for OAP/Concessions; £5 for youngsters aged 13-15; and FREE with a paying adult are children aged 12 and under. 

The first race will commence at 5pm. Admission and Pit Entry from 1.30pm. 

Don't miss the highlight of the Banger year in Scotland only at the Racewall. 

Booking List Updated 11th April 2016

1 Kyle Shires* GMP

2 George Lee* PRI

13 Dean Sievwright

16 Jamie Cox, Startrax

17 Kyle Overy* Spedeworth

25 Rodney Herron* Northern Ireland

25 Joe Parsons* Startrax

33 Gary Madgwick* Spedeworth

72 Billy Bonds, Barford

76 Ryan Scott* HRP

114 Liam Lake* Spedeworth

115 David Hope

122 Mark Cooper* Spedeworth

152 James Dillon* Barford

157 Thomas Gordon GMP

161 Steven Van Putten

162 Brett Ellacott* Autospeed

180 Mark Foster Startrax

190 Steve Bailey* Spedeworth

196 Joey Palmer* GMP

197 Joe Stanley Bowers* Spedeworth

204 Charlie King* RDC

209 Mark Morrison GMP

210 Callam McKee

212 Karlos Hodgson, Barford

216 Mark Farquhar Crimond

219 Ryan Farquhar Crimond

221 John Riddell* Crimond

222 Colin Riddell* Crimond

226 Brian Youngson Crimond

229 Sean Riddell* Crimond

230 Scott Paterson Crimond

232 Richard Swallow, Crimond

236 James Geddes, Crimond

247 Lee Clarke* Incarace

257 Timy Aldridge* Incarace

258 Philip Blowers Crimond

268 Gary Khan, Crimond

271 Mark Dalgarno* GMP

272 Neil Sutherland* GMP

274 John Taylor* GMP

275 Joe Morgan* Startrax

310 Jon Nicolson* Trackstar

323 Jim Riddell, Crimond

331 Jason Jackson* Spedeworth

335 Leon Sudbury* PRI

341 Andrew Jones Spedeworth

347 Red Nelson

374 Chris Collings* GMP

382 Jack Foster Jr* Skegness

382 Tommy Hutchins, Autospeed

388 Stevo McGrath* DMC

397 Kieran McKay* HRP

415 Scott Cornish* Spedeworth

433 Ben Smith* TSR

450 Glyn Platts* GMP

452 Anthony Sleeman* Autospeed

455 Ricky Finney

456 Steve Allan* GMP

498 Alan Ellwood* GMP

499 Jordan Ellwood* GMP

514 Paul Woods

552 Karl Douglas* PRI

616 Phil Watkiss

617 Danny Everett* Startrax

617 Jack Overy* Spedeworth

632 Callum Reid* Spedeworth

676 Frank Boardman* GMP

797 George "Little Willis" Plant* Buxton

808 Paul Cuthbert GMP

880 Neil Naismith* HRP


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