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Micro Bangers & Siamese Bangers

4th August 2015

There have been a few changes to the forthcoming Banger fixtures.

The Micro Banger event (originally scheduled for June) is being held on Saturday 22nd August. The Scottish Supreme title will be on offer. 

After a promising outing last week the Siamese Bangers have been added to the 29th August with their Scottish title up for grabs. The event has been scheduled the week after the Micro event as some of those cars may be able to be used again as the top deck car of a Siamese pairing.

£50 per pairing start money is being offered for this event. Places are  limited and bookings can be made by emailing 

The build rules for the Siamese Bangers follow that used on tracks in England. The bottom car should be a National Banger built to normal ORCi rules, the idea being that the bottom car raced at any National Banger meeting in the future, while the top car should be any Micro Banger but with all additional weight, engine, wheels etc, removed. The driver in the top car controls the steering and the driver in the bottom car the driving (pedals and gears).


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