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BriSCA F2 Scottish Championship and WCQR Double Header

16th April 2018

BriSCA F2 Scottish Championship and WCQR Double Header 2nd and 3rd June. 

GMP Scotland are seeking to make this a BIG weekend for BriSCA F2 at the Racewall with a range of incentives for drivers. 

The Saturday evening will see the Scottish Championship up for grab with an all important place in the National Series to the winner.

The Sunday is a World Qualifying Round (though drivers from NI etc can compete) and we know that giving drivers a good chance to score points is important so we are committing that if car numbers are 24-31 then we will run two-thirds format and if we have 32 cars or more we will run full format.

We will have available travel monies to support the significant travel costs for visiting BriSCA F2 drivers from Northern Ireland, South West, South and South East England. Drivers must book in via the Racewall website. 

We are also pleased to confirm there will be grade awards given at each meeting to the highest scoring white, yellow, blue and star/superstar driver. There will in fact be two sets of grade awards each day - one for ‘Racewall’ drivers and one for visiting drivers - this would include for instance drivers from Crimond who haven’t raced with us this year (GMP will decide on which grouping drivers fit into!). So plenty to play for and remember the Racewall still pays original place prize monies. 

We do need ALL drivers both regulars and visitors to book in for this weekend to allow us to plan the race format so please do this by completing the booking form here

We look forward to a great weekends racing.

Dave Borthwick and Keith Ramsey

GMP Scotland 

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