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Stock Rod & Prostocks Drivers Meetings

11th December 2016

The next set of drivers meetings will take place this Sunday 18th December. Prostocks (and Prostocks Basics - see below) will start at 11am with ORCi Stock Rods meeting at 130pm. Both in the Stadium Bar area.

With regards Prostocks Basics we have been asked by a number of people for a Formula to meet the needs of people wanting to take up racing but not having a big budget or prior experience. We are exploring options for a Prostocks Basics Class which wouldbe based on small sized cars e.g. Ford KA, Nissan Micra which are plentiful to obtain and they would be kept strictly standard the only modification allowed being the safety equipment required to race. In essence they would be very similar to the cars prepared for the Legends races in recent years. The class would only be open to drivers who have never raced before or who have not held a licence for over 5yrs, ( Subject to vetting ) and provide an entry stepping stone into our senior classes. Anyone interested should come along to the 11am Prostocks meeting.

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