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National Banger Rules Update

12th January 2017

On behalf of the ORCi, GMP Scotland would ask all drivers to make themselves aware of the following rules changes:-

Micro (under 1400cc) National Banger Events
*Replacement gearbox mountings must not be any wider than 6” (150mm) (front to back) and no longer than the distance between the chassis rails, and secured with two bolts, exception of this rule is the Fiesta/KA were the gear box mounting must not go above the main chassis leg and be bolted only to the lower bolts in the chassis of the gearbox mount & no part of this can exceed further forward then 10mm of the gearbox.

*You may use original standard steel bumper (with the exception of Vectras and Mondeos noted below). If a front bumper is fitted, a maximum of three additional bolts may also be fitted to secure it in place. No wrap around bumpers allowed. Plastic bumpers must be removed. All cars with aluminium bumpers must have the bumper and retaining irons removed before racing e.g. Volvo 2 series and Saab, you may fit a bumper/flat plate 100mm x 3mm in its place. This may be folded back a maximum of 3” (75mm) with a maximum of two bolts per side. The bolts must go THROUGH the chassis and not UP the chassis.
*Vectra’s, Mk1 or Mk2 Mondeo’s must not be fitted with bumpers or steel plate.
*Later type cars with extended chassis rails e.g. Mk3 Mondeo/Focus, may also be fitted with a bumper or plate to the above rule or cut the chassis rail back to the front valance.
*Cars with no front cross members may use a Ford Galaxy people carrier front bumper or similar replacement. It is also permitted to link the chassis members with a chain.

*On micro bangers only a Sump Guard may be bolted to the front of the engine/engine mount on the drivers side only and only drop down in front of the sump and no lower than the bottom of the sump, a maximum size of 6mm plate (No box iron or angle iron) is permitted (Scrutineers discretion is final on oversizing).

The above  points have been incorporated into the National banger rules for 2017 which can be found here

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