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ORCi Stock Rod World Championship Qualification Process

21st February 2020

The qualification process for the ORCi Stock Rod World Championship to be held at the Racewall on Saturday 12th September has been published on the ORCi Stock Rod website and can be viewed here

GMP Scotland’s entries will be formed by the top 5 drivers in the National Points Chart, and the top 5 drivers in the Racewall Track Championship, upto and including Monday 31st August.

Where a driver features in both the top 5 of the Track and National Points, they will take the qualifying spot from the points chart they are highest in. The qualifying space in the other points chart will go to the next highest driver. e.g. a driver is 1st in the Racewall Track Championship and 2nd in the National points Chart. The driver will qualify via the Track Championship chart and the 4th placed driver in the National Points Chart will gain a seeded entry.

Where a driver holds the same position in both points charts, then the driver will qualify via the National points chart and the seeded entry in the Track Championship chart will be released to the next available driver in track championship standings.

Non-seeded drivers will be eligible to contest the last chance qualifying race at the beginning of Saturday's meeting where at last a further 4 spots will be available. 

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