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Practice Session Fundraisers

11th January 2016

Members of the stock car family have now we are sure been made aware of the situation that faces the Purdie family and particularly, Joan, the wife of long time Saloon Stock Car (now 2 Litre Hot Rod) driver 17 Kenny Purdie.

Here at the Racewall we are looking at holding events to help in the raising of funds to support Joan & Kenny in the fight against cancer. This will include our pre-meeting practice sessions.

21 February 2016 at the Racewall. 1.30pm: Admission cost for adults is £10 - ALL OF WHICH WILL GO TO THE JOAN PURDIE FUND.

The opening practice meeting will feature 3 full races for the Saloon Stock Car Legends! Kenny is well remembered for his days in 2L National Saloons, and as such a whole host of famous names from the past will be back out on track to show there support and entertain the crowds including a great line up from South of the Border and Northern Ireland - will we se some of those Auld Enemy battles rekindled. Drivers expected include: David Archer; Diggy Smith; Stuart Shevill Snr; Kenny Purdie; Harry Burgoyne; Davie Gunn; Gordon Alexander; Bill Auld; George Boult Snr; John Halifax; Winston Weir; Brian Irvine; Ronnie Wright; Bill Barrack; Jock Maxwell; Mike Robertson and Jim Honeyman, there are also more drivers to add to this and a great day is in prospect mixed in with practice runs for new registered drivers plus ALL white graded drivers are also welcome to attend. 

The Practice Sessions on the 28th February and 6th March will take the more traditional format split by formula. Again, a nominal £5 entry fee will be charged ALL OF WHICH WILL GO TO THE JOAN PURDIE FUND.

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