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Racing Update - March 2021

2nd March 2021

The Scottish Government announced last Tuesday that they expect the current national Tier 4 conditions to continue until the 26th April 2021 after which a regional tier system will be reintroduced. It is therefore anticipated that we will not be able to commence the 2021 Stock Car season until after the 26th April and even then any start date will be dependant on which new tier Fife is placed within, and the specific rules which will then exist with respect of travel between tiers and the allowance of spectators within a stadium environment.

Whilst the Government flagged earlier today that it may be possible to accelerate these plans, at present we are proceeding to work on the basis of the timescales currently provided. Our fixture planning had in part assumed a delayed start to the season when considering the number of dates available to each formula and should we be able to commence activity in the late spring then we anticipate being able to provide a comprehensive racing programme for our drivers. We will publish the full fixture list once a start date can be provided with more certainty.

Our primary concern remains the safety of all those involved in our sport and our local community and whilst the news of a delayed start is disappointing, if doing so helps us to combat COVID19 and keep everyone safe and healthy then it is a price worth paying. Thank you for your understanding – stay safe and please continue to follow the guidance given.

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