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Raymond Gunn Tribute Race

5th May 2015

As well as the staging of the European Championship over the weekend there will be the annual Raymond Gunn Tribute race on the Sunday.This race will be sponsored as follows:-

Winner will receive £228 donated by GMP Scotland.
Additional Sponsorship has been received from:- Ray Goudy Trailer Repairs, DK Salvage Ltd., PSH Environmental Ltd., Stuarts Coaches. This will be shared out as follows:-
2nd £100, 3rd £75, 4th £50, 5th £30, 6th £25, 7th £12, 8th £8.

In addition £50 each will go to the highest white & yellow grade drivers. Davy Gunn & Family would like to thank GMP for staging the race and for the generous support of the sponsors.

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