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Saloon Whites & Yellows Series Final

12th October 2015

The Saloon Stock Cars Whites and Yellows Series Final takes place on Saturday 17th October. The race will feature additional incentives for the top three across the line. The grid will be lined up in graded order with the highest points scoring drivers to the front of their grade (based on points scored in the Whites and Yellows Series through the season). The current points list is given below.

Driver Number and Points Total
45 67pts
50 57pts
46 49pts
715 37pts
107 33pts
70 26pts
357 23pts
77 22pts
671 22pts
777 14pts
229 13pts
68 11pts
648 10pts
207 9pts
241 6pts
605 5pts
19 5pts
254 4pts
65 3pts
67 2pts
632 2pts

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