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Suspension of future race meetings

16th March 2020

The Scottish Government has issued guidance to event organisers in Scotland following the earlier advisement that all gathering attended by 500 people or more should not take place effective from 16th March. This guidance can be found here:

Having reviewed this information GMP Scotland have heeded the request from the Scottish Government for businesses to act responsibly, and as such have taken the difficult decision to postpone future Stock Car meetings at the Racewall Cowdenbeath until such time as guidance from the Scottish Government changes. We also note that the UK Government is considering this week the introduction of legislation that would provide legal powers to prevent mass gatherings from being held.

Whilst we recognise the news will be disappointing for race fans and drivers alike, our highest priority must be to ensure the safety of all who attend our events, and protect the resilience of Scotland’s public services – especially the emergency services and the NHS – as strongly advised to by the Scottish Government. To ignore this advice would be deeply irresponsible given the current circumstances.

Whilst the Racewall employs its own paramedic, first aid and safety steward team, including our own private ambulance, we all know that motorsport can be dangerous, and incidents can and do happen which require the attendance of the emergency services. It is impossible for any Stock Car venue to legislate against the need to call on the assistance of the emergency services for either an on-track/in stadia incident, and as such we are unable to guarantee that we could proceed without making any call on the services which this government guidance seeks to protect.

We will of course continue to keep our race fans, race teams and GMP team members informed of when we plan on resuming our fixtures for 2020 and will do this as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to continue to follow the advice of the relevant authorities to ensure the well-being of themselves, their family’s and local communities, whilst sending a strong message of support to the health professionals and members of our emergency services and other key workers who are working so hard for our benefit during this period.

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