Rubens Millar

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Cowdenbeath Racewall

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Rubens Millar, born on September 2nd, 2008, calls Cowdenbeath his home track, where he competes in ORCi Ministox. Currently holding the blue roof grade, Millar aspires to become a mechanic when he grows up.

His choice of career reflects his passion for cars, which he channels not only through racing but also through his desire to work with cars professionally.

As a young racer in ORCi Ministox, Millar is making strides in his racing career, showcasing his skills and determination on the track. His blue roof grade indicates a level of proficiency and experience in the sport, setting the stage for further growth and success in the future.

Overall, Rubens Millar’s journey in ORCi Ministox is marked by his passion for racing and his aspirations for a future career in mechanics, demonstrating his commitment to the world of motorsports both on and off the track.