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29th May 2024


There are a few upgrades going on at the stadium with some cosmetic changes to the ground between the Blue handrail and the track wall. Part already done at the pit bend and that will continue until complete.

With regards the water across the track at the Back Straight there is a meeting arranged between the contractors that will be involved to ascertain the most suitable time to implement these works.

There is also a reminder to Drivers/Fans that there is parking allowed on the Ash pitches behind the back straight wall on Chapel Street.

There is a problem with some of the transponders activating the Mylaps recorder since our upgrade to the latest Orbits Kit. The ones in question are the kart ones and they should be replaced with the car type.

Grade Changes we wish to remind the drivers that they should adhere to how their roof colours should appear on their cars as per your Formula Rules. The Scrutineers have been told to clamp down and to make sure that cars appear with the roof colours correctly applied. If not, the drivers will line up at the rear of the grid in grade order.


It was good to see Antony McAuliffe back in action after a few years away whilst Jason McDonald and Colin Stewart have made the trip down from Crimond.

The only recent visitor has been Kyle Taylor.

The racing has been quick over the past month which augurs well. There are only two dates in June the 15th and the 29th.

Grades are found at


Recently the Saloons have had double points final with over twenty cars appearing. Missing for a few weeks will be Dennis Middler who broke his ankle at a recent Crimond meeting.

We were pleased to welcome Killian Brokken back to the Racewall whilst Scott Allardyce and Kyle Cotterell have returned.

Barry Glen has had a dominant spell recently winning five out of six races from his yellow grade.

The home drivers will be looking forward to their Scottish Championship on the 8th June where Ross Watters will be defending.

Hopefully there will be a big turn out of drivers and it is a race to remember.

Grades are found at


One of the items that needs to be resolved is the replacement tyre. At this stage there has not been a decision on what tyre to be used although a decision needs to be made in the near future.

The new grades have seen a fair bit of changes but it doesn’t seem to have been detrimental to the drivers involved. 

Stuart Wedderburn made capital of his yellow grade to win two races only to move back up to blue, then the Grade changes his ave takes him to Red.

Grades Effective 1st June as follows:

Champ: 612 Red S/S: 83

Red: 165, 172, 197, 216, 255, 351.

Blue: 41, 46, 257, 411.

Yellow: 17, 69, 141, 441, 900.

White: 240, 640, 689, 698.


The Basic drivers have been in good form with a decent turn out of cars.

Newcomers Zoe Stewart and Caitlin Cefferty have shown a rare turn of speed and if they carry on in this vein will soon move up the grades.

It was disappointing that there were only six cars at the recent Crimond meeting where Jamie Reid won two heats and Colin Ogilvie the final.

It was ladies night at their last Racewall outing where Taylor Osborne won both heats  picking up her first win in the process whilst Joanne Hilditch won the final.

Grades Effective 1st June as follows: 

Scottish: 227

Silver: 65

Red S/S: 348

Red: 50, 410, 680, 700.

Blue: 4, 14, 363, 484, 688.

Yellow: 17, 21, 46, 240 (R),  411.

Others retain grades.


Congratulations to Hamish Plenderleith on winning the Keir Millar Memorial trophy although he had Charlie Hardie in close order as they crossed the finish line.

As usual the Ministox drivers have been in exciting form and they demonstrated that during the Keir Millar race where 29 cars gridded.

Grades Effective 1st June as follows:

ORCi: 629

S/C S/S: 306

Red: 60, 68, 480, 628.

Blue: 27, 88, 651, 680.

Yellow: 52, 621, 644, 879.

White: 78, 874.

Retain Grades: 45, 145, 79.


Only one meeting in the calendar month with Paul Barron winning both heats and Grady Ross the final.

The numbers are slightly up on last year and as such their racing has been good.

Grades Effective 1st June as follows

Gold: 145

Sliver: 31

Red S/S: 755

Red: 805

Blue: 37, 760

Yellow: 76, 147


The youngsters continue to impress with their driving skills. Retiring from the scene is Lana Middler and we wish her well in her next venture.

There have been hat tricks at recent meetings with Sam Forster and Rhys Walker dominating.

There have been some promising runs by Evah Adsley and Lewis McFarlane whilst Iona Sibbald and Amber Watson have been picking up top ten results recently.


The Banger World Cup was finally won by a Scottish driver! It has been quite a wait since 1997 since Hoagy Wallace won. This time Sean Riddell came out on top but had to look out for the antics of the Gladiator team before doing so.

The Unlimited Banger drivers have a Caravan race on the 1st June and we would ask those who are racing to book in as early as possible.

The remaining Banger fixtures are:

22nd June – 2L Bangers

27th July – 2L Bangers

7th September – 2L Banger – Scottish Championship

19th October – Micro Bangers Supreme